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          • Summer School

            Summer School Registration is Open

          • fbla

            Chris McGill gets new ball chairs from FBLA's Senior Members Hunter Jensen and Mark Guerra Garcia

          • Gorillaz girls won 2nd place at the Lone Peak tournament

          • Krakens boys won 2nd place at the Daweena Ultimate Tournament

          News & Announcements

          School Registration Information

          Registration for the 2019-2020 school year will be held on the following dates:

          Tuesday, August 6 - 2:00pm-7:00pm

          Wednesday, August 7 - 9:00am-2:00pm

          Thursday, August 8 - 2:00pm-7:00pm

          Friday, August 9 - 9:00am-12:00pm

          • Enter at the Main doors, check in and pick up your registration checklist at the information table. Students pictures/ID's will be taken at registration. Senior Photos will also be taken at registration.

          Prior to registration:

          On or after August 1, 2019-Please complete ONLINE paperwork and pay applicable fees using the web address provided below:


          • Password: panthers

          • Registration pin is at the bottom of this letter

          • Complete all forms

          *Please make sure you get accurate PARENT/GUARDIAN phone numbers into your child's record when you register.

          • Pay school fees at: www.myschoolfees.com

          Fee Waivers

          Fee waiver applications will be accepted during registration

          Freshmen Orientation

          Freshmen orientation will be done on the 1st day of school through PXP classes.


          All students will receive their schedule at registration, and then again on the first day of school.


          School Excusals

          Interested in excusing your child's absence through email? The attendance email is west.attendance@slcschools.org. Please make sure your attendance email contained all of the following or the excuse may not be processed - send the email from the parent email that the school has on file, include your child's first and last name, student grade level, student ID number if you know it, date(s) of absence, period(s) of absence.

          FBLA Grant Winners from Adventure Capital Innovations Challenge

          Senior FBLA Members Hunter Jensen and Mark Guerra Garcia finished their ADCAP grant! Using the $1000 they won in the Challenge to purchase ball chairs for teacher Chris McGill's room in 333, Hunter and Mark helped get some of them inflated before the end of school. Stop by and see.

          Ultimate Frisbee Team Excels

          Congratulations to the Ultimate Frisbee Club for their recent wins. Made up of students from West, Rowland Hall, Hillside, and SLCSE these Krakens boys won 2nd place at the Daweena Ultimate Tournament and the Gorillaz girls won 2nd place at the Lone Peak Tournament!

          Vocal Solo Ensemble Festival

          Congratulations are in order! At State Vocal Solo Ensemble Festival Saturday, April 27th at Northridge High, the following students represented West singing with such grace and style classical solo pieces: Stephen Grant- SUPERIOR RATING, Nano Feletoa- excellent rating, Livia Zhang- last year's state piano solo winner volunteered her time and energy to accompany Nano's solo for region and state, Melanie Woodbury- SUPERIOR RATING

          A'cappella friends and student families are so proud! It was encouraging to interact with families in attendance and experience a first time at State.

          West High School student is finalist in Youthlinc Utah Young Humanitarian Award – $5,000 college scholarship

          Many of us volunteer, but one West High School student has dedicated her life to humanitarianism and is receiving recognition for her outstanding service. She may even win a $5,000 scholarship for her commitment to service at the Youthlinc Annual Benefit on May 11th at the Utah Cultural Celebration Center. Though our society recognizes young people for their accomplishments in sports and academics, the Youthlinc Utah Young Humanitarian Award celebrates outstanding humanitarian service among Utah youth, sponsored by the George S. & Dolores Doré Eccles Foundation. All finalists who will be attending the University of Utah will receive a matching scholarship from the Union Scholarship Fund. Youthlinc’s Local Service Director, Shannon Moss, believes this is a particularly important Award because “it celebrates young people who are making a difference and creating change wherever and however they can.”

          Out of this year’s 131 applicants, West High School senior, Mishka Banuri, is 1 out of 5 high school finalists for the 2019 scholarship. Mishka Banuri is an 18 year old organizer from Salt Lake City. As a Pakistani-American Muslim, she wants to build bridges among her different communities and empower them. She is the co-founder of the Utah Youth Environmental Solutions, an organization that engages young people in the environmental movement and is focused on connecting environmental and social justice issues. She also does anti-Islamophobia work, and is the Ambassador Director of the Emerald Project, an organization that is dedicated to fighting the misrepresentation of Islam through dialogue. She wants to build spaces for young Muslims in Utah where they feel safe from Islamophobia. Mishka is also a Teen Council member with Planned Parenthood, and teaches a variety of topics to her peers.

          The winner of the Youthlinc Utah Young Humanitarian Awards will be announced at the Youthlinc Annual Benefit on May 11th at the Utah Cultural Celebration Center. Visit the Youthlinc website for more details www.youthlinc.org. For more information about this Award, please contact Shannon Moss, Youthlinc Local Service Director, shannon@youthlinc.org.

          Young Entrepreneur Award

          Congratulations to Derek Che, Sam and Charlie Bankowsky, Zander Bagley, Jacquline Hyun, Finn Baille, and James Colbert for receiving the young entrepreneur award of $1000 from the bench to bedside competition at the U. They designed an app to help with nonadherence of patients taking their medications and competed against mostly college students!!

          Robot Team Excels at Regional

          The Robot Team spent most of their spring break getting ready and competing in the Utah FRC Regional. A four-day event, the Utah Regional takes place annually at the Maverick Center, and costs about $200,000 to host and operate, with about 50 volunteers and hundreds of participants. Although the competition is in Utah, only about half of the teams come from out of state, including a team from China and two teams from Mexico. The Utah teams are mostly from private/charter schools such as Waterford and Judge Memorial or from community groups like the Leonardo Museum, which can afford the hefty fees associated with the competition. One of the Mexican teams, LamBot, won the competition, which was their third regional this year. They had already won the Mexico City Regional, the Monterry California Regional and now the Utah Regional. They were allied with veteran teams from the Bay Area and San Diego. West High was one of a handful of Utah public high school teams that competed. We finished 43/49 after qualifying rounds, primarily because we focused on defensive strategies instead of offensive. We were selected by the 3rd seed alliance to participate in the playoffs due to our defensive prowess. Our alliance ultimately was defeated by the 2 seed in the semifinals after a close match. Special thanks to the following folks who won awards:

          Elijah Greenfield for Safety Star and leading our team to the Safety Award, Sophie Byde for Dean’s List Semi-Finalist, Olivia Hutten for Dean’s List Semi-Finalist, Enrique Arce-Larreta for Woody Flowers Award Mentor Award

          Thank you to our drive team: Ross Kilpatrick (team CEO/Captain), August Muller (Hardware Captain), Rodrigo Gallegos-Molano, Alex Jolley, Olivia Hutten

          Thank you to our Pit Crew: Ian Eggleston, Pedro Ramirez, Scarlett Cortes, Anastasia Dunca, Robert Morelli

          Thank you to our Scouts: Torin Turner, Tom Zhang, Lam Nguyen, Kellen Wu

          And our teacher and parent volunteers: Alison Bulson, Christian Edgar, Dan Hutten, Stephanie Thatcher

          Thanks to our teacher mentors who could not attend: Patrick Doty. Thank you to our teammates who could not attend due to travel or other circumstances, or anyone missed .Thank you to our sponsors, including our top level sponsors: Marathon, Rio Tinto, Google Fiber, Department of Defense and STEM Action Center.

          West Debate wins the UHSAA 2019 5A State Championship

          The public forum debaters lead the way with all four teams earning superiors, followed by the policy debate teams who ultimately shared co-champion honors after their success in elimination rounds. West also cleared to elimination rounds in Lincoln-Douglas, student congress, national extent, and oratory. This victory is West Debate’s second consecutive championship. The team now turns its focus to preparing for national competitions. Individual achievements are noted below

          Public forum: Teams Marissa Goodman & Tejita Agarwal and Nick Carlin & Noa Taussky are quarterfinalists. Teams Jane Galian & Zach Braford and Lauren Bacon & Lauren Berensen are semifinalists.

          Policy debate: Teams Kiyan Banuri & Ramis Banuri, Matthew Kim & Kenny Nelson, Madeline Galian & Hanna Rice, and Dylan Hefley & Isaiah Ortiz are co-champions.

          Lincoln Douglas: Lizzie Peterson is a quarterfinalist.

          Student Congress: Olivia Hoffmann is a finalist and Tyler Shumway is the state champion.

          National Extemp: Alicia Du won second place

          Original Oratory: Arianna Meinking is a finalist.

          MathCounts Competition

          West High School just took 1st place at the state MathCounts competition earlier today. We even had 3 of the 10 countdown round winners from our school. Please help us congratulate the following people

          West High Team Winners
          Marianne Lui* (2nd place overall)
          Chloe Parke (8th place overall)
          Diya Oommen (10th place overall)
          Brendon Young

          *Marianne Lui also qualified for the national team and will be going to Orlando in May to compete with the top 200 math students in the nation.

          We also had three students qualify from the AMC A exam for the American Invitational Mathematics Examination. We may get a few more students qualify later in the week.AIME Qualifiers
          Zachary Barbanell
          Sanjula Pingali
          Malavika Singh

          National Recognition for FBLA

          Join us in congratulating the following members of our FBLA club on receiving National recognition for Business Achievement Awards. The FBLA Business Achievement Awards (BAA) is an intensive leadership development program that recognizes FBLA members for achievements in a variety of career-related projects, goals, and programs:

          Future Level: Mark Guerra-Garcia, Sylvia Xi, and Alicia Zhang
          Business Level: Mark Guerra-Garcia and Sylvia Xi

          Our local West Chapter also received National recognition for achieving the following awards and will receive pins and recognition at the National Leadership Conference in San Antonio this summer:
          Non-Stop November
          Super Sweeps
          Action Awareness

          West High School also received from the National FBLA the FBLA Outstanding Chapter Recognition Award. FBLA chapters must complete twenty (20) membership, community service, and education activities in order to receive this award.

          This is the first time that West High School has ever received any of these awards!


          Find out how you can donate to your favorite program, or volunteer here at West!

          Contact Us

          West High School
          241 North 300 West
          Salt Lake City, UT 84103
          phone: 801.578.8500
          fax: 801.578.8516

          Stay Connected!

          SafeUT CrisisLine

          SafeUT Send a Tip


          Peach Jar


          Translate This Site

          If you need or would like this document in your own language, please contact Valerie Gates at (801) 578-8500, ext. 408, or contact Salt Lake City School District, 440 East 100 South, Salt Lake City, Utah, 84111


          No district employee or student shall be subjected to discrimination in employment or any district program or activity on the basis of age, color, disability, gender, gender identity, genetic information, national origin, pregnancy, race, religion, sexual orientation, or veteran status. The district is committed to providing equal access and equal opportunity in its programs, services and employment including its policies, complaint processes, program accessibility, district facility use, accommodations and other Equal Employment Opportunity matters. The district also provides equal access to district facilities for all youth groups listed in Title 36 of the United States Code, including scouting groups. The following person has been designated to handle inquiries and complaints regarding unlawful discrimination, harassment, and retaliation: Tina Hatch, Compliance and Investigations, 440 East 100 South, Salt Lake City, Utah 84111, (801) 578-8348. You may also contact the Office for Civil Rights, Denver, CO, (303) 844-5695.

          Click to view the long form of the civil rights notices
          Click to view the grievance procedures

          Translation Services

          If you need help understanding this information in your language, please contact the school office for free language assistance.

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